By courtesy of Circus Mascot Marianne Deleuran and her poodles. The Danes saw their perch act in Circus Arena in 2017. There were a lot of happy children for circus fun in Circus Baldonis ring, an exciting lecture with Irene Thierry and a fun and entertaining performance, enjoyed by both children and adults, with Irene and her spouse the clown Allando (sometimes spelled Alando). The next act was a fine act in tissue with Jelena Vasiljeva from Latvia. He was the first time in Nemo in 2013 - after seasons with Circus Arena in 20It is not surprising that more than one mantelpiece is needed to get room for all the prizes he has been awarded. Luffe then teaches Victor (and the audience) how to train a pony. It went into the grand finale with Baldoni farewell song "We've been the best of friends" and all the artists in ring. 13 February 2018 Circus Mascot. But it seemed disharmonious and disturbing with such a loud noise.

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See more: m Venue: theatre trevise, 14 RUE DE  trevise, 75009 paris, metro:  grands boulevards. And then the main act: The Swedish juggler Johan Wellton juggled with balls - what is called bouncing in the technical language, throwing the balls into the ground instead of throwing them into the air. Then Alassandro continued on a slack wire, where he rode a mono bike, balanced with Christina on his back and ended up balancing on a ladder on the wire. 22 November 2018 Baldoni's Christmas Circus 2018. This year it was a ghost which disturbed them. This he will do again every Saturday and Sunday from the middle of September and to yearend.

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I told her that Benny was 72 years old! Despite turning 80 Lotte will not stop to take care of the ticket office. They walk around playing among the potential shoppers, a great moment for those who never saw anything like that. He also got a lot of fun from the invisible egg and the lost shoe. Egon Larsson was honorary member of the Swedish Circus Academy. This year's performance was a themed show called Ship Ahoy.

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Smartphone photo from the grande finale at Cirque Berserk IT ALL happens IN paris -  people go to the theatre, concerts and circus - an ancient tradition dating back from moliere'S time, - now: comedie saint michel, a small theater offering an impressive program, proudly. Olympia has first-rate animal welfare with large pens, short haulage from circus lot to circus lot and good staff who care for the animals. Isabella Sosman always does a lot to create such combination acts in the performances she is putting on stage. In 2018, there will be a generational change in Circus Krone as Frank Thierry has become managing director. Later in the season she has to stop due to health reasons. Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press Duo Costache performed a breath-taking perch act. In the show you will meet young singers, dancers and artists. Since 2008 he has been a main character in the performances, however with a break in 2013. Today, however, there are more and more who buy the tickets over the internet.